Bloodred is a cat who's boyfriend is Spike the Hedgehog. (Spike is a character by a dude called BenStarNinja

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Bloodred is very shy and will almost never talk to anyone. She is also very fearful and gets frightened easily. She is also very sensitive but somehow somewhat controls her temper, if she gets mad she will only show it as sadness.

To Spike the Hedgehog, she acted exactly the same as she would to any other person at first but as she kept seeing him more and more she started getting used to being around him and understands he won't do anything to her until the point that she actually started smiling and spending more time with him.


Bloodred is born with the power to drain blood from others by simply staring directly into their eyes in a certain way but she never uses it since she does not want to hurt anyone innocent. She somehow still gets an almost endless supply of blood nearly everyday, some people rumor that she drains blood when she's sleeping, others are just clueless. She can use this blood to transform it into a dark red-colored aura-looking power that she can fire at her at enemies.

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