QtinqSpirits (10 Spirits) is the Actual main title for all entries in  TwindarkChild's Version of Sonic Style Characters. Nearly every single one of the characters are Anthropomorphic.

Before QtinqSpirits UniverseEdit

In the beginning, all around there was only darkness. Complete and total darkness, no chaos, no life, nothing at all, simply nihilism, but there must have been something, something in the darkness, the great void, the infinite vacuum where nothing should be capable of surviving. What is Olematus (Oh-li-ma-tis)?

After an infinite amount of time, where time has no meaning at all. A being who dwelled in the darkness, the infinite void, brought form into existence, and created the Heavens and the Earth separating them. Within this form as it flowed through the darkness, spoke as though it was the first sound in all of reality, 'Let there be light!' And there was, a beam shining bright appeared into the world that was the darkness. The being saw the light, and the light was good. Thus the second state of separation appeared, Light and Darkness. Light was called Day and the Darkness was called Night.

During QtinqSpiritsEdit

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