Chispazo The Hedgehog

Chispazo is a 14 year old hedgehog, who is able to control electricity. He lift objects that use electricity without even using his hands, kind of like Telekinesis. He can suck out the electric energy from whatever he is using. He can use that energy to make his own swords, kunai's, shurikens, anything like that. He can control thunderstorms, create them, stop them, so he is kind of controlling water a bit too. He wear a white tank top, blue jeans, and is a light yellow color. He can protect himself with an electric barrier, which electrocutes anyone who touches it but him. It is vunerable, though. Anyone who can hit it with metal alot can break it. He plays a cool guy, but it is more of a dim bulb. He is nice, and doesn't get mad alot.


Zap people with electricity

Pick up anything with electric energy, similar to Telekinesis.

Suck energy out of Electronics

Use sucked out electricity to make weapons

Control, create or stop thunderstorms

Protect self with electric barrier, but it is weak to iron/steel/metal


Crow- Friend

Mittens- Arch rival