Coal is a light-grey MANKY who is Sonic's younger brother. He is often called "Cute" by Amy Rose, as she Template:Speciessees him as basically a Sonic wannabe, although he isn't. His girlfriend is Blueberry The Seal.


Coal is basically what you'd get if a normal 11-year old girl tried to roleplay as Sonic. He acts somewhat like Sonic, but can sometimes also get slightly annoying, but not enough to see him as an enemy/rival. Most people just think of him as a clone of Sonic with different colors, although he is somewhat different from him. Sonic is actually the closest related to him, which would explain their similar personalites. At some times he seems like he's faking his personality but at other times he doesn't.


Coal has a light grey body color. His shoes are cyan, with dark-grey straps. His gloves are the same as Sonic's, except the "bracelet" part is cyan. His eyes are cyan, while a little bit darker. His muzzle, arm and stomach color seem to be the same color as Sonic's, while, barely noticable, it's actually slightly darker, by about 1%. His "socks" are white, and the buckles on his shoes are a silver color.

Coal is getting a redesign soon! Stay tuned to see his new design!


Coal is nearly as fast as Sonic, only slower by 0.5%. If they had a race, either Coal would lose by half a second, or it would be a tie.