Crow The FerretEdit

Crow is a 10 year old ferret. He is very tall and very slim. He can oblivious to things sometimes and also has bad eyes. He is really nice but sometimes he can be hot-headed. He has navie a lot. He is all yellow and has blue eyes. He sleeps A TON, as almost all ferrets do. He skateboards but is bad due to his bad eyes. He loves action and adventure. He does his war dance when he is excited or surprised. On rare occasions, He jumps on who ever is mad


at/with his war dance..


Sharp claws

Mixed martial arts

Homing Attack

Spin Dash


Crows mother used to work for his arch-enemy, Mittens The Cat, but his mom betrayed her and has been hiding out ever since, and after meeting a man, they had Crow. Crow saw his father less and less, and after a few months, Crows father went missing and they never saw him again. It is unknown what happened to Crows father after that, and Crows mother had to raise him on his own.


Sonic- friend

Soniic- Best friend, crush

Snoopy- Father-like sensei