Daredevil is a Black Crocodile.                                                                                             

Recolored from Vector the Crocodile


Daredevil tries to act like a normal person, and does somewhat, but somehow always loses her temper quite easily. She understands that where she's from, everyone has a unique characteristic about them, but she still doesn't like this "grumpy" chatacteristic. Rarely, when she's 100% comfortable, she can actually act really kind. If she's just a decent amount of comfortable, she doesn't seem to have that "grumpy" characteristic, and almost completely seems to be another person - she seems to act mostly like a normal person (crocodile?). These are, however, the only two times when she doesn't act her grumpy self. She doesn't always lose her temper for no reason whatsoever, but she still does lose it quite easily from even the smallest insult or attack.


Her appearance looks evil, although she's a Hero. She has black glasses (where she lives, they're called "Bat Glasses", and they're very rare) that are Red for the glass part, and black for the rim. She also has a Gold Chain Necklace just like Vector's, and a Golden Belt (to match with it). She has these things called "Knee Pads" that are big where she's from, and long red fingerless gloves with grey stripes. She has a short-sleeve tee that is dark grey, then a Flame Pattern that is a Lighter Grey. She has Grey Jeans. Because she has such a long tail, her jeans are even on the Tail a bit (see the picture above). Her shoes are black with grey stripes, with two gold buckles on each side of each Shoe. The top of her Shoes are like a Spiked Collar, exept the Spikes are Red. Her actual body color is Black, and her other Body Color (Belly, Arms, Legs) are a Light Grey.


Daredevil was from an Alternate World called "Jamaa" (which is also known as the World for "Animal Jam"). She once found a Portal and went into the Sonic Universe. She liked the Sonic World because in Jamaa, she didn't have any friends, but when she Found the Sonic Universe she became Friends with most of the Sonic Characters, her best Friend being Vector.


She Has a Normal-Colored Sword, Which She Usually Only Wears in Battle.


Daredevil's Sword.


  • You may have already figured this out from the "Location" Section, but Daredevil is actually Fang99999's (my Animal Jam Account) Animal, "Daredevil Thecroc".
  • She looked exactly the same in Animal Jam, exept the Pattern on her Shirt was her Body Markings, her Body Color was Lighter, she didn't have any Clothes (exept for the Bat Glasses and Knee Pads).
  • Although it doesn't look like it, Daredevil is a Girl. All the Sonic Characters were suprised when they found out about this.
  • In Jamaa, she had a Black necklace with a Red "Jewel".