Full Name: Destruction "Drako" Soulimity

Drako sab

Drako the Demon-Weapon

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Species: Demon-Weapon

Alignment: Neutral Evil Occupation: Scientist, Warrior

Forms: True Demon, Full Demon-Weapon

Likes: weapons, training, family, friends, fighting

Dislikes: doing nothing, other demons, reapers, anything else in the underworld,

Family: Starfall Soulimity(Genetic Mother) Reaper Everburn(Father) Volten Everburn(Brother) Angellica Everburn(Sister) Abyss(Son) Blackcrystal(Son) Darkness(Daughter) Kora(Daughter) Grim(Son) Rage(Son, Deceased) Wrath(Son) Crystal(Daughter) Blackwing(Son)

Friends: Glacier the cat, Hyperfrost, Lucid, Destro, Shred Pawnslash, Drake Rapidflash, Trouble the cat,

Rivals: Kaynen, Doom, Kurayami, Sutanaoki, Haydes

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Relationship: none

Powers/Abilities: Able to wield the powers of darkness by using blood energy, blood contains massive amounts of regenerative energy that feed his powers, able to regenerate by using blood energy, has a robotic Arm-piece called the HEDU, able to warp between the mortal realm and the underworld, able to warp short distances, Able to use weak mind attacks, wings can block weak energy attacks, HEDU can temporarily buff his energy and physical attacks

Weakness: Draining his energy can easily kill him, if he uses to much energy and almost runs out he becomes very weak

Fears: Loosing the people he cares about

Personality: Tends to be extremely rude to people he doesn't respect or know, however very polite and respectful to people he does. Taunts his enemies a lot.


Drako was created to be a weapon of mass destruction for the underworld army, Commissioned by a high council of powerful pure-blooded demons. Once created, his creator, or father, Reaper, realized that the council would do away with him after he finished creating him. Once he knew this, he attached two other spiritual entities to Drako. The first one, "Ark", was a mental handicap, designed to make him more emotional, less desiring to kill. The second one, "Kaynen" was a different story. He was a failed attempt at making another personality that would be kind. He instead was a ruthless killer, held back only by Ark. For several years Drako was a prisoner in his own body, trapped behind Ark and Kaynen. After a while, he finally was able to split apart from them and become his own person.Edit


- He shares the same blood with Starfall Soulimity.

- He is a heavily altered hybrid between a verdesiodan and a demon.