Flame(only character and Host)

Flame:Lets take a Step back 25 Spaces,Or Years.I was 5 years old and Had a Broken heart,My Mother Died two years ago.Then I met Her...Lockout.There i was Napping on a Bench waiting for my father to come out of aCigarette Shop(a prince waiting for his father to come out of a store).I was About to fully Fall asleep when A Hedgehog with Purple stripes,purple eyebrows,purple shoes and Red skin.She approached me saying arent you that Prince who's Father has Lung Cancer?(my dad had it back then),I said yes.We became Best Friends,Doing everything together..Like Going Fishing,Going on adventures(my Hobby) and Watching Eachother test out our dance moves.Although i met New Close friends like Jason and Heather,Lockout Was always my favorite friend.Little did we know though was that we were Scheduled for marriage in the future,We Both said No way.

Next Episode:from Aquintances to enemies:Flame meets Taymen(note:this one will have the people who met taymen at the same time flame did)

all characters owned by @flametheflaminghedgehog