This is my fursona Fumblr the hedgebat. She channels everything inside of me... Because I feel so edgy most of the time... And mistunderstood... LOL

Name: Fumblr

Species: Hedgebat (dats a hedgehog and a bat combined lol)

Age: 16 (becuse she's an teen hehe)

Gender: Female

Personality: Fumblr hates being mainstream and anyone mainstream. Because if u follow the herd (or heard I dunno) ur just a sheep, and Fumblr isn't a sheep :DDDD (She's a hedgebat XDDDDDDDD)

Powers: She can fly, shoot lasers and her magic star means she has powers over space and time, but she can't use her power yet because she just thinks it's a tatoo. (but its actually a birthmark O:)

Backstory: A long time ago a Hedgehog and a Bat married, and had a baby together. Everybody said "You can't!" but they ignored them, because it was love!!!!!!1!!!!!! 

When the baby came out they gasped because she was hedgehog with bat wings and she was still a hedgehog but with wings and that wa really weird and not normal at all because of dis they called her a hedgebat (lol) and her name was Fumblr. 

Soon adfter her paremts died and Fumblr swore revenge....

But for now she has to go to highschool with heaps of people who just don't get her.... :'(