Gantz (Also known as Guntz outside Japan and Europe) is a dog-like character from the Klonoa series who made his first appearance in Klonoa 2: Dream Champ Tournament. He is a legendary bounty hunter with a very short temper, and he is somewhat aggressive and arrogant. Guntz is sometimes referred to as The Golden Killer, or the Golden Death. He uses a variety of guns and firearms to attack, and he often travels in a red hover-bike called Red Clan.

Name: Guntz

Gender: Male

Species: Wolf


Guntz is a teenager, being likely depicted around the ages of 16-18. He has a somewhat feminine appearance and has long black hair tied back into a ponytail, a tradition amongst warriors or royalty of Japan. He wears a grey outfit with a bullet belt around his waist, a red jacket, long-fitted gloves, black boots with red straps, and a pair of goggles. He has black fur with yellow markings, sapphire blue eyes, large ears, and a more mature look to his appearance than Klonoa. In the Legend of the Star Medal Official Strategy Guide, he was identified as a wolf.

Due to the nature of Guntz's childhood, he's allowed himself to become more of a loner. Thus, he doesn't interact with others very well. He becomes shy and awkward around females, but is mature and more cold towards males. But he's shown to be a very loyal friend, even if he prefers to keep others at a distance. He's also been known to have a very short temper. In Namco x Capcom and Klonoa Heroes alike, he is shown to swear and curse a lot, especially at Janga, his enemy. Other than that, he is generally viewed as 'very handsome'.


Guntz's weapon of choice in particular are his twin handguns with trademark stars on the sides. In particular games he may advance to any sort of gun-related weapon (since his name is intended to be a pun on gun use,) and wear a bullet-proof jacket as well.

His Abilities are:

  • Shinigami (Death God) Fire-

Guntz jumps in the air and shoots his surroundings, burning everything around him.

  • Shinigami (Death God) Rush-

Guntz pulls out his firearms and fires them rapidly whilst rushing an enemy.


  • Guntz and Klonoa's relationship is similar to that of Sonic and Shadow.
  • The name "Guntz" is a pun on gun use.