Kina the Cat is a cat with Psychic powers. Her name is pronounced Key-nah.                                                                                                
Kina the Cat

Made using Sonic Fan Character Doll-Maker


She actually has a personality similar to Amanita the Dove. She is mellow and calm most of the time. A difference from Amanita is that she can at times be shy. She seems to like animals.


Kina has gloves exactly like Blaze's. She also has a long-Sleeve Purple-Pink shirt. She has black shoes and dark blue jeans. Her ears are always down as a result of psychic powers running through her body. The tip of her cat tail is the same color as her shirt. Her eyes are the same shape as Blaze's, and are green. She has long hair. The inside of her ears and her muzzle are a light peach color.


Psychic Powers.