Klonoa by ArkOfAnAngel

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Klonoa, sometimes referred to as Klonoa of the Wind (風のクロノア, Kaze no Kuronoa) is an anthropomorphic video game character created by Namco and Klonoa Works, and has starred in his own series since 1997.

Age: 12 Years old.

Gender: Male.

Species: Cabbit.

Homeworld: Breezegale Phantomile.


While most protagonists tend to be consistent with their level of bravery, Klonoa has a wide range of fear levels. For instance, when around water or heights, Klonoa can become uneasy as he can't swim, but remains relaxed/confident when around even the nastiest of ghosts or monsters. He also can be quite absent-minded and unclever at times. However, Klonoa is kind and gentle, and does anything to protect friends and to help others.

When Klonoa was younger (Estimated age: 7) One of his enemies named Joka, Killed Klonoa's most trusted ally. His Grandpa. Ever since that, Klonoa posses a Hatred against Joka, something unusual for him since he is easygoing and Kind.

He has a small rivalry with Dr.Eggman, as shown when he, Sonniic, Cody and Mandel fought against him.


Klonoa has a ring with a Diamond on the tip of it known as "The Wind Ring. The Wind Ring has many different forms in it so it can be used as multiple weapons.

  • Wind Bullet: The small diamond on the end of the ring Klonoa holds can fire a concentrated orb blast of wind known as the Wind bullet. This is useful when Klonoa needs to gain more air while jumping, pushing objects back, or fighting enemies.
  • Sword: Besides the wind Bullet, the Wind Ring can create a Wind sword to Slash, Stab and Slice his Enemies.
  • Hammer of Force: The Wind Ring can also create a Powerful hammer that can Smash his enemies and move heavy objects. Though it may seem heavy, Klonoa can lift it easily aslong as he has the Wind Ring.
  • Arm Cannon: A pair of Cannons attached to Klonoa's arms that can fired Spiked balls made out of lead at his enemies.
  • Boomerang: A weapon that can hit multiple enemies at once, when thrown. This is useful when Klonoa is Surrounded.
  • Beam Gnome: The Wind Ring can create a beam to make a shield, which Klonoa uses to tackle his enemies.


  • Klonoa is property of Namco.
  • Klonoa's love interest lies in a Lunatean named Lolo.
  • He has no siblings.
  • Klonoa's ear design is similar to that of Pokemon Shaymin's Sky forme.
  • Klonoa is a Cabbit, a fictional hybrid of a cat and rabbit
  • In his Manga, Shippuu Tengoku Kaze no Klonoa, it depicts Klonoa's personality as a moron and a wannabe hero, his patient sidekick is a Moo who is the Postman of Breezegale.