Lake the Cat ava

Lake The Cat


Lake is very calm and collected, and always seems to have a very peaceful approach to most situations, but will turn violent when the time comes.

When meeting new people Lake is extremely shy and does not want to talk much, however with time and patience Lake will begin to grow more confident around the person, to the point where she will start conversations with them.

This shyness does seem to get the better of her most of the time, and she only has a small group of friends because of it.


Lake has powers over water, but can only use them, when she's really mad.

But, being Lake, she doesn't get mad that often. (You better watch out when she is though)


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  • Lake The Cat was an adoptable by VanillaTheCat, or SilverTheHedgehog4 on scratch.
  • Lake's main picture (also my avatar) is actually a recolour of this: Cosmo Picture
  • Lake is my favourite fc that I own


Recolour 3 Cosmo To Lake The Cat-0

Recolour 3 Cosmo To Lake The Cat-0