"Hey... What's Wrong Lil' Guy?"

                                                                         -Lemon When Petting a Chao                        

Lemon the hedgehog

Lemon's main outfit. Made using sonic fan character doll-Maker

Lemon is a yellow hedgehog.


Lemon is a very cheerful, calm and mellow hedgehog, and has never hurt anyone. Her favorite food is lemon slice, and she bakes them at least twice every week, and loves to share them with her friends.


Lemon hasn't been through many bad things, and has led a good life. The only problem she's had is being bullied at school.

The reason she's been bullied at school is because she's very nice, And people sometimes like to be mean to nice people because they know they won't strike back. She does get a little sad about being bullied in the past, but people don't really bully her now. She doesn't know why this is, but she's still happy.


Lemon tends to be afraid of the dark.

Theme SongEdit

Rhythm Thief & The Emperor's Treasure OST - The Phantom Notes-0

Rhythm Thief & The Emperor's Treasure OST - The Phantom Notes-0

Lemon the Hedgehog's Current Theme Song.


Aerith the Chao (Named after Aerith from Final Fantasy)Edit

  • Made Using Gen8's Chao Maker
  • Recolored From Hero Chao