Maggie Louise Penmark is a character in an upcoming project by DMM. In English she is voiced by Linda Cardellini.

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Since childhood, Maggie Louise Penmark has been entering beauty pageants. She was also skilled in ballet.

Maggie was diagnosed with a condition that stunted her growth, which keeps her looking like an 11-year-old girl despite being 25.

At one point, she was dropping in populatity in the beauty pageants. She tried her hand at many things, such as acting, which didn't go over so well, and she eventually faded out of the public view.

By her 25th birthday, her mind snapped.

Later in the events of the story she appears, she double-crosses many groups of the Sonic characters. But eventually herself gets double-crossed by Eggman.


Maggie is a 25-year-old woman, but has the physique of an 11-year-old girl. She was first spotted wearing a pink and white sailor fuku with white tennis shoes. She usually has her light blonde hair in two low braided pigtails, darker than medium skin that's a bit pinkish, and has green tsurime eyes. She is seen in work attire as a library assistant at one point.


Maggie usually flips her personality between a childish one and her adult one. She has quite a temper and can get violent when angered. Worsened by the fact that she wields two axes that were used in her previous childhood home as decor that she later used in hers. Though she is really just upset that others judge her for her appearance and is still upset at fading out of the spotlight and wishes to be there once again.

Her childish voice sounds like that of Megan Sparkles of Sanjay and Craig and her more adult one is closer to Cardellini's natural voice.