"The best of the present will bring me the ambominations from the past, in order to bring the best of the past."

Mechanical Assassins are an Elite Robot army constructed by Dr.Eggman.


These Robots were designed by Dr.Robotnik, but the Blue prints were left in the dark due to the fact that they didn't have the Technology at the current time. Later, Dr.Eggman has retrieved the Blue prints but even he wasn't able to create a single robot to the exact expectations of the Blue print. The idea was on the edge of being forgotten, until Eggman has gotten two Chaos emeralds. He used the power of the Emeralds to exceed new technology levels. With this, he started the Project and code-named it "Mechanical Assassins". After the Destruction of one of his Research facilities, Eggman finally Finished the Project, Creating a group of deadly Robotic warriors who would take down targets by using Skill, Speed, and Team work. The perfect Assassins. He used these to hunt down the Thirteen monsters, they were effective.....but not effective enough. They only have custody of Three of the monsters. Eggman wishes to use the Four stone Generals to find the Monsters, hoping that they will do a Better job than the Assassins, but he has to find a way to bring the Petrified warriors to life first.


The Assassins are obviously the most skilled Robots in Dr.Eggmans arsenal. Dr.Robotnik disigned the Blue prints after he found out about Japans Mercenaries and Assassins known as Ninja's. They use a large amount of weapons, From Shurikans to Guns. They use Tranquilizers to fight and capture the Thirteen monsters, and wear Black Ninja-like armor which (Said by the description in Dr.Robotnik's Blue print) is bullet proof. They are agile, Strong and silent. Eggman say: "They are Perfect against the Monsters AND Sonic" but he only uses them on the Monsters.


  • The Mechanical Assassin's are Foot Ninja's from the TMNT 2007 movie.
  • Dr.Robotnik designed the Robots, however Eggman Built them.
  • Due to the limited effective power the robots have, Dr.Eggman is working on a newer and Deadlier Version of these Robots. They're called "Super Assassins."