(Name is undecided; Nitro is a place-holder. Any ideas for her name?) 

Nitro is a female hedgehog created and owned by User:VanillaTheCat. Also I haven't figured out everything
Nitro the Hedgehog V2

Base by AnjelBases on deviantART, background by Luchyanu on deviantART

about her yet o-o


Nitro is an adventerous tomboy. #bestpersonalitydescriptionever


Radiation, explosions n stuff IDK HOW TO EXPLAIN BRO D:


Cocoa the DogEdit

One of Nitro's closest friends.

Future the HedgehogEdit

Another close friend.


  • Her gloves are from Gen8's Female Furry Dollmaker.
  • She has coincidental similarities to Wildcat the Bumblecat, such as they are both tomboy, and they both like green.
  • Originally she had hair exactly like Future the Hedgehog's except gray, but it was changed since they seemed to look too alike. (Thanks MissAquaAnime for Nitro's new hairstyle! :D)