Popka is a dog-like character from the Klonoa series by Namco. He is a close friend of Lolo and Klonoa

Name: Popka

Gender: Male

Species: Dog


Popka's quick-temper, talent for thievery, and no-nonsense attitude seemed to clash with Lolo, who as a priestess-in-training, appeared slightly naive and rather prude-like in her actions. He doesn't worry about most things, and won't hesitate to insult people he finds naive, mean, or bratty, but mostly with Lolo. Despite his personality, he's rather caring to Lolo, and he befriended Klonoa quickly. His rudeness and temper are reduced in Dream Champ Tournament

Popka is a dog-like creature. His ears and legs are orange, and his arms are stripped, a little longer than his body. A tufted, pink ball is seen on the tip of the Popka's pointed tail, and his most recognizable feature is his green eyes, which look like shattered glass. He wears a red bandana, which he got from Lolo when they first met, which was revealed in Dream Champ Tournament.


  • Popka got his scarf when he and Lolo first met.
  • At first, Popka didn't respect Klonoa, however later on he has a Brotherly bond with him.