Romance the Hedgehog

Romance The Hedgehog Edit

Age - 12

Gender - Female

Romance the Hedgehog is a funny-acting hedgehog. Also a quiet person most of the time. Romance's power is to control love. Sometimes she likes messing around with horrible couples, she doesn't really use her powers much, she only uses them when she needs to. Romance isn't much of a friends person, she's kind of a loner. Her family was killed by D.D.M, her brother survived, her brother is Unknown the Hedgehog. Romance doesn't really hang with him since Unknown got his own life. Romance doesn't like adventuring much, but now, she's in a huge adventure. She kinda does talk to some others, she kinda has Sonniic, Soul, Dream, William, and Sonic as a friend, Romance is a happy-acting person. Not so serious. But she is serious when she needs to be. 

Romance in a romantic situation? Hmm. Romance has a crush on Crow's  friend, Chispazo.  but she's always shy by him, and she notices that he's  mean to Sonniic.  She also doesn't know what to do. 

Powers Edit

  • Controlling Love

Appearance Edit

  • Black coat
  • Red tank top
  • black shorts
  • black , red, gray, and white boots
  • Gray hedgehog
  • Red highlights
  • Red eyes

Personality Edit

  • Happy acting
  • a bit emotional (like 5%)
  • quiet type


Mostly, Romance doesn't have any friends. Romance likes adventuring herself,  while she adventures, she meets new people. While going on adventures, she made a few friends.

  • Crow the Ferret
  • Sonniic the Hedgehog
  • Soul the Ghost