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Scarlet The Wolf's Face

Scarlet is my second sonic fan-character. She's a blind wolf that uses her ability to sense energy to see. She was inspired by Zakuro from Tokyo Mew Mew, and her colours reallly show that.

So yeah. On with the Bios and such.


Name: Scarlet

Species: Wolf

Age: 17-20

Sex: Female

Likes: Storms, walking in the forest and defending others.

Dislikes: Water (Her hair frizzles up and her powers weaken)

Fave Colour: Since she cannot see, she doesn't have one.

Abilties: Her ability to see through sensing energy makes her immune to surprise attacks, she also has electricity whilst in her "Sky Thunder" form.

Scarlet The Wolf Angel1

Scarlet's "Sky Thunder" Form

Personality: Scarlet is ready to help, but isn't gullible, and can tell when some-one's lying by sensing their pulse. However, this makes her over confident and sometimes she will brag about her abilities.

Backstory: Scarlet had always been underestimated and sheltered because of her blindness, but from a young age, she learnt how to see through sensing other's energies.

Soon, she was able to sense when someone was lying, and could tell something was coming from a mile away.

One day a group of thugs raided her forest home, her mother and father tried to hide her, but Scarlet was scared and couldn't tell who's energy was who's, she didn't know where to go! She curled up and started to cry as she heard her mother screaming as a thug began to hit her. 

Scarlet cried louder, "STOP HURTING HER! PLEASE!" She yelled, "PLEASE!" she started repeating please over and over but the thug didn't care. Scarlet's mother screamed again.

Then Scarlet snapped.

She felt her hair whip around and the electricity flow through her body. Soon she realised she was airborne. Scarlet located the thug's energy and whipped her hair towards him, and let the energy zap him, until he was paralysed. She then dived towards him and with one pulse he was unconcious.

Scarlet realised her father was taking on four thugs in the garden. She shot out through the roof, and sensed her paws warming up with the senstaion of her electricity. She thrusted her hand towards one one the thugs, and sensed the energy hitting him right in the chest "Bull's eye." she muttered to herself as she hit the other.

One by one all of the thugs soon lay unconcious.

After the thugs were taken away Scarlet's mother and father told her that she was old and strong enough to have her own adventure.

It's been many years since then, and now Scarlet wants to help more people.

Scarlet's Theme Song Euterpe

Scarlet's Theme Song Euterpe

Scarlet's Theme Song


Crush: -

Boyfriend: -

Mother: Maya The Eagle

Father: Jolt The Wolf

Brother(s): None

Sister(s): None

Relatives In General: -

Friend(s): -

Enemy(ies): Thugs, THieves and Anyone who makes a living from causing harm to others.