Scratch the Cat is a green cat who has Chorokenisis.                                                                               
Scratch the Cat

Made using female furry doll maker


Scratch used to be powerless. But one day, When she was about 11, She got a venus fly trap for her birthday because she loved nature. But little did she, or anyone, know, This wasn't an ordinary venus fly trap. One day when she was 15, While looking at her venus fly trap (She named it Fang), Fang bit her. By biting her, Fang injected nearly all of Nature's DNA. This means she could now control plants - And she became one of the heroes of the sonic franchise.


She can control plants. This means she can wrap her opponents in ivy, call giant venus fly traps to eat up her enemies, throw thorns off roses at her opponents and more. She can also absorb water, which makes her stronger and can even bring her back to life when she dies, if you give her enough water quickly enough.


As fire burns plants, it burns Scratch too - But more than it would to a normal person. Just one tiny flame and Scratch could be dead.


Leaf BladeEdit

Leaf Blade is a katana that is wrapped in Poison ivy. If anyone but Scratch were to touch it, they'd be poisoned.

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