Snoopy the Dog is Crow The Ferret's sensei, he is very wise and is master of Mixed martial arts, Kickboxing, Wrestling AND Jujitsu. His punches can get through thick steel, and can cause a persons head to dent. He is grumpy sometimes, and is blind, but he can sense and smell other people around him. He has five swords, and seemingly unlimited shurikens and kunai's. He will usually meditate, but does fall asleep in the middle of it alot. He has a very strong bite, which he will use when he has no weapons on him. He is very good at protecting himself and other people, by blocking with his rock-hard hands. He is nice, and level-headed, but hates it when people question him. His real son died a stillborn, and treats Crow The Ferret as his stepson/son. He has a super mode, but his is a whole different story unlike others. When he removes his robe, he activates his super mode, and he gains 12 abs, and 4 pound muscles. He can lift anything, punch very hard, and kick very hard also. He cannot abuse it or use it too long though, because he can lose all of his power for his abilities, and can even kill himself if he uses it for too long.


5 martial arts (Look above).

Able to sense and smell where people are.

Samurai and ninja skills.

Loud growling, which can catch them off guard and make them dizzy.

Hit his opponent with his Oak Wood Staff, which can make them faint (and maybe even die) instantly.

Very hard kicks and punches. (Hardness increases by 500% in super mode.)

Super Mode


Info about this coming later.


Crow- Son-like apprentice

Mittens- Crow and his's arch-enemy


Snoopy is very level-headed and nice, but for an unknown reason, hates it when people question him. He is a loving man, but can get mad, and when he does, swears A LOT in Japanese.