Sonic XE (part one)

Once, In space Flare The Dark (Chaos) Was sitting down with Emily Robotnik, while there were talking to each other. Extreme the brother of Chaos/Flare he was fighting somethhing but, Instead they saw him fainted outta the sky. Chaos stoped and puase She asked Emily "Hey Emm. do you know whats that?! oh my freaking god.." she continued "ITS EXTREME!!!!" Dr.Ben Robotnik got him back in he was dead... Chaos had a bad life she always told her self...One day, Every one was asleep he putted Chaos in something To switch DNA with Extreme. Chaos will have more power than before. Every Thing Exploded.. But didnt got on fire like big fire ... Years later, FBI and other stuff came. They were attacking, cause Dr.ben was Wanted for many years... Chaos Tried to help but Dr.Ben said "Go on Chaos and Emily... Save your selfs...." *SHOT* Emily got shot.. Emily Keeped Running, Emily said "get in here" Chaos followed Then... Chaos said "LET ME OUT" Emily said " Chaos please Trust me..Rember ... Be friends with people from the real world..." ... She woke.. She looked around saw a big city.. She saw a Blue Blur... She kept looking... the Blue blur came and said "Hey, im Sonic and you are?" Chaos thinked fast and made a name up.. "Well hello Sonic, Im- Flare The Dark.." Sonic said "Well nice meetin you Flare. Got to go!" He went running off like a crazy person..Then a black blur went by.. He stoped.. "Hey.. remember me? Shadow." Flare said" Yes i remember you Shadow..."Shadow said.."Well why are you here secret mission?" Flare said "no.. every thing exploded ... Extreme my brother died..." Shadow said " oh...I know how you feel..."