The Same day, Shadow was thinking..And he said to himself "Did Eggman wanted Flare to Destroy?" Shadow didn't stop. He Chaos blast Her. Flare said "Well, Shadow The Hedgehog... If you want to fight...Then just say it".... Shadow said "Eggman only wanted me to Destroy you So....He can Destroy Sonic And Me so We wouldn't get in the way" Flare Stood Quiet. Shadow continue "Chaos, You got to Belive me. Eggman Is Using You.... He just wanted to Destroy Sonic, And Me.... He erased Your memory...." Flare said "Why would he use me? Wait Shadow....What's going on?" Shadow said "Follow me"

Chaos Followed Shadow... Chaos said "Where are we going?" Shadow said "To get your memory back" Chaos was clueless That what was happening....Shadow said "Were here" It was a huge forest... There was a hedgehog Right There, The Hedgehog said "Hey, Shadow what's new?" Shadow said "Ugh, Nothing only Eggman erased Chaos' Memory" The Hedgehog said "What? Who's Chaos?" Chaos said "Uh, Hi....I'm Chaos" "Oh, hello. I'm Bloom. Bloom the hedgehog"

The 3rd Day.... Chaos Woke up And said "Huh? Where Am I?" Shadow said "You dont rember? Bloom Gave you your memory back" Chaos got up. & blasted out... Shadow & Sonic stoped Chaos...Bloom came And gave Chaos a bracelet... Chaos asked "What's this for" Bloom said "You'll figure out" Sonic said "Chaos, Your going no where!" "Well, He's right... For the first time..." Said shadow...Chaos said "Wait, why I'm stuck here?"..... "Yes you are stuck here... Untill Eggman Says something...