Sonic Xe part 2

The second day, Shadow was with Eggman. Eggman said "Well, Shadow I'm going to need your help..." Shadow said "Need my help for what?" "To destroy Chaos, witch she calls her self Flare The Dark" said Eggman. Shadow had to make a lie to save her.. Shadow knew if Chaos gets destroyed something bad will happen, so he said "Well, Eggman Will you destroy your half sister? Well I dont wanna kill her just for you"...Eggman said "Oh, Shadow I dont wanna kill her... I'm going to save her" Shadow Easily believed ... He appceted..He went on...When he left Eggman Had a perfect plan to destroy Chaos..

Chaos was like a good explorer and jewel hunter. As she Explored, Shadow followed and did Chaos Spear."Hmm you wanna play like that dont yeah Shad.?" said Chaos. Chaos did Ultra Flare, Shadow was amazed...But Chaos stoped for awhile, While she paused Shadow blasted her... she fainted it sorta shocked her from inside..Shadow took her to Eggman, Shadow said to Eggman "Well be right back..." Eggman couldn't belive he finally cought Chaos or Sonic witch Only cought Chaos...He had a thing called "The mind eraser 3000" he erased all of Chaos memory only thing she can rember is her name Flare The Dark And her lifetime.. And now she works for Eggman. 5 minutes later, Shadow caught up to Flare. Shadow said "I tought you were with Eggman... Flare said "Well Shadow The Hedgehog, since I'm working with Dr.eggman... I have to do what the doctor said..."

(To be Continued)