sonic is a character. he is loud annoying and NOT that fast.

Darth sonicEdit

Knuckles went into dr. robotnik's base while he shot a bomb in the base. causing the whole place to blow up sonic fell out. then sonic was stayed in the hospital for 2 years. in his wrost nightmares Dr. Robotnik ruled Sonic's world. by Sonic's annoyance Amy rose more kindly introduced robotnik in his own world. Silver The Hedgehog helped the doctor to build an empire. after he awakes sonic received tea from a doctor. after his 5 days past sonic got revenge and was more evil(still annoying). sonic escaped to the empire and found a guy who was pure evil. it was silver who battled sonic in his own empire. in 1 hit silver stopped flying and fell for the first time. from Miles tails Prower sonic used a bomb and blowed up the whole empire and escaped.

sonic the TNTEdit

sonic was unkownly killed. he was revived by Swack the Hedgehog but turned into a explosive. then his mind was downloaded. thanks toSwack the Hedgehog. also mind downloaded from miles tails prower also made a clone of miles before he became miles mays.


sonic lived in the streets without getting any support from his friends. Mario got out of his limo gave him a job to wash the bathroom