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Steer the Hedgehog

About SteerEdit

Age: 23

Spieces: Hedgehog

Gender: Male

He ran away from his family cause he loved Soul The Hedgehog Stealer, But he couldn't actully see each other often cause Steer's family hated Soul. When he became at age 15 He started to date Soul, Soul created a bow and arrorw outta chaos emeralds for Steer along the time, His powers increased and all, Taking over the Island of Darkness with Soul. When he became at age 18 He Found out that Soul has gotten killed and revived by D.D.M and now a ghost. Steer loves her in any way, At age 20 He became a member of the freedom fighters. At age 23 he gave Soul a necklace (Heart locket) Which he got from a chinse hedgehog, that was creepy. It was a trade, For a normal chaos emerald for the necklace, Steer just remembered about the Soul emeralds, If He has lost one, Soul will scar him to death.

When Steer got the necklace and gave it to Soul, he didn't know it had any special effect. Soul increased more power. Steer still protected Soul very much. D.D.M. found himself useless when Sonic and his gang beaten D.D.M.  Steer and his little brother Mandel are good friends. But Steer hates Sonniic being with Mandel, he's scared if his little brother will get hurt. Sonniic promised Steer to protect his brother from anything. Steer told her who will protect her, she replied that Mandel will protect her. Ever since the break up of Sonniic and Mandel,  Steer acts like if he doesn't care. Steer knows exactly how he feels. Well. Not really,  he kind of knows. He knows because Soul and himself are together, but not really because they're always apart. They work for different people. Steer works for Dr. Eggman and Soul works for D.D.M. and Dr. Eggman. They both attempt to see each other, but they kinda fail.. They only see each other at the night til dawn.


  • Blue furr/ Blue hedgehog
  • Blue eyes
  • Black and white jacket
  • Blue and white pants
  • Grey, blue, and black shoes/boots
  •   white and grey gloves 





Alright acting


Soul: Girlfriend

Mandel: Little brother

Finni: Friend

Cody: Friend

Klonoa: Friend

Sonic: friend

Sonniic: friendly nemises