Name: Swack

Species: HedgeHog

Age: 13

Gender: Male (lol swag)

Likes: Hanging with his bra's, litsening to snoop dog, Easy E, Tupac Lil' Wayne and Biggie Smalls. But Lil' Wayne is home dawg.

Powers: Controlling darkness, light, hitching it out of trouble (when the popo come) faster than sonic, and his popularity.

Backstory (Lol YOLO):

Swack is a bad boy at his highschool, and often wags to hang out with his bra's at the s8park. He doesn't think about his non-existant future, and when he goes to school, he hangs out in the boy's bathroom lighting one. 

He makes a living by slinging.

He got his powers from when his parents died from a bullet fired by a theif in a dark hallway when they finished going to a fancy show because his parents were hella loaded. He got powers fromt the sadness and was known as the dark knight. But he also has light powers so they call him the neutral knight.

He's got a lot of swag.


he is not seen anymore. nothing is known about him. in some of the adventures of sonic the hedgehog he is seen hidden somewhere in the group of Hedgehogs. he had tried to dig to china. he did dig but did not get to china. he used a defending pokemon to save him. he was attacked by monsters and the defending pokemon did not save him. he ran quickly until a monster grabed him.


in Tokyo swack was duisguised as a normal Hedgehog. he was not swag but just normal. he walked with knuckles and tails. in the bathroom swack used his phone to talk. once he went out as swag Future the Hedgehog caught him in a fight. then swack was damaged and was tooken to Dr. Robotniks'.

swacks' last timeEdit

he did save Sonic but after he was captured. the hedgehogs did give him his favorite juice. as swack was drinking it Dr. robotnik came to see. he said the juice was good for him. but they gave swack one that was poison. the Group of Hedgehogs used a sniper. the sniper did not have bullets but some tiny red shots . Dr. Robotnik refused to shoot him and swack burned.