Advanced Robots built by Dr.Eggman

"Its time for Revelation."

The Roleplay plotEdit

In the year of the 13 BC, a conquering army of warriors were taking over empire's of the Persians and acient Echidna's of the land. In the Aftermath of the war, the Warrior army found a portal and named it "The Gift from the Gods". They thought it would open a Portal to the heavens and Valhalla, (Where the Gods lived). But it was a giant mistake. When the Portal opened, Thirteen MONSTERS were released into OUR world. These monster's are Immortal, unable to die, they slaughtered the Warriors army and were terrorizing the land. The leader of the army (Dubbed "Great General") Sent four of his best general's to capture these monsters. The battle took place near the portal, the General's fought long, and hard, hoping to stop the foe they have brought to this world. But, as if triggered by the arrival of the monsters, The portal released a beam of energy at the Four generals, and the ruler. The Ruler became Immortal.....but at a cost. All four of his best General's were turned into stone. The Ruler was ashamed of his mistake, unable to die, and he lived on til' this very day.......and so did the monsters. 

The PresentEdit

Dr.Eggman's project to find the Seven chaos emeralds has been put to a violent hault, one of his research facilities have been attacked. The place looks like a dozen Rhino's have attacked it......but it was something much worse. He found out that the Thirteen Monster's attacked his Facility. He knows how strong they are, so he built an Army of Robotic Soldiers who surpassed the others. He named them "Mechanical Assassin's" or Assassin's for short.

They Were an old Prototype that Dr.Robotnik was working on. Eggman used these robots to Spy on the Monsters, Ignoring Sonic and the others in the Process. These Robots engaged the Monster's in Deadly Hand-to-Hand combat fights, usually overwhelming them and causing the Monsters to flee. Only three of the Monsters have been captured. Eggman found an Old relic while exploring the acient Persian empires, he found Four Statue warriors...The generals. He is currently working on bring the Petrified Warriors to life, and use them for capturing the Monsters and other deal with Sonic.

List of MonstersEdit

The thirteen Monsters are Immortal, meaning they cannot die. However, they aren't invincible, They can be knocked out and feel pain.

  • Spider Monster

The rest are up to you.


  • The Roleplay is based off the TMNT 2007 movie.
  • So far, Klonoa is the only Character who saw one of the Monsters, but he thought he was having a mirage.