Violetta the Cat is a shy, Purple cat who is good friends with Magenta the Rabbit.                          
Violet the Cat

Violetta the Cat, Made using Sonic Female Cat Creator (Btw i made the game) on Scratch


Sonic Battle 2Edit

She is the 5th character you unlock, And has sprite art like this. (It's down below, To the Right)

A sprite of Violetta, In Sonic Battle 2. Recolored from Amy

Sonic Adventure 3Edit

Her gameplay is very similar to Vanilla the Cat's, Exept she is slightly faster and can't fly- The main thing the gameplay focuses on is Still Puzzles.

Mario and Sonic Olympic Games SeriesEdit

She was the all around type and she looked like this.


Recolored from Blaze


Shy, And caring when she needs to be.