Its Battle Cry.

Height: 8 feet and 6 Inches

Weight: Most likely 637 lbs

Abilities: The Most Strength out of all the Monsters, Enhanced Agility, incredible Endurance.


The Yeti monster is the most known Monster, and the Most commonly Seen. It is Large with Blue fur and Multiple Spikes sticking out of its Body, leading to its neck and head. It has Razor sharp teeth, however it never uses them as a weapon, Probably because its a Herbivore. Most can smell the Yeti before its arrival, Saying that it smells like "a Monkey Cage". Assassin's found this Monster in a Construction site near the Royal Building in Mobius, It was too bulky and strong for the Robots to fight. It manages to defeat a large number of the robots and before it fled, it knocked down the entire building. Later that night, when Klonoa was taking a walk on the streets, he saw the Yeti's Shadow while it was resting on the low rooftops. He shined a flash light onto the Beast, which startles it. It turned back and Roared at Klonoa with anger before it fled. This has Klonoa Paranoid.